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I was thinking about this blog and how happy I am with the turnout of readers.  So far I only have one follower but in one week (my first week) I have had 238 page views!  It makes me really happy to know people care about what I think and that they appreciate the honesty in my reviews.  Every now and then I will post something more personal and this morning I’m feeling it.

I have grown a lot in the past few months; more so the past month.  A blogger that inspired me to share my experiences as a mother was dad blogger Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing.  I’m not sure if you are familiar with his work; if you are not and you’re a parent I recommend following his blog.

Being a parent is by far the hardest job in the world but also the greatest.  As a stay-at-home-mom (SAHM) I am very lucky and blessed to be able to spend every moment with my girls.  I’ll be honest thought when I first became a mother I never left the house because I was afraid of driving with my daughter, it was a lot of work keeping her calm, loading and unloading her in my car, running errands quickly because I was nursing and at that time too shy to nurse in public plus my car didn’t have a working a/c, and I didn’t have a lot of places to go and I did not have very many friends to hangout with since most of them either didn’t have kids or had kids but worked.

Being a stay-at-home-mom is a very different lifestyle.  I went from just picking up my keys and heading out the door to trying to remember to pack extra diapers, remember snacks and sippy cups and toys to keep her calm for the short time I would be out.  Everything that came with being a mommy was new to me; it was beautiful, it was exhausting, it was overwhelming at times but I was in love with my new job and proud of it.

There is an ugly side to being a SAHM a side it seems many will not talk about.  The stressful side, the secluded side, the side I was not prepared for.   Yes that is right the breaking point, the snap, the walk away and cry because you just cant take anymore screaming, crying, or angry child pulling and tugging and wanting something from you. At times being a SAHM can be so overwhelming that you just feel broken and emotionally exhausted.

The first time I experienced this my daughter was a few months old and had been crying for nearly an hour.  I called my husband sobbing and asked him to come home from work for a few min because I just couldn’t be around her at that moment.  I’m a mother, a proud loving mother, but I had reached my breaking point and knew I was emotionally in a state where I needed to take a break and walk away.   I was frustrated and upset with myself for not being able to handle the situation; I felt like a failure.  My husband is very supportive and understanding and is a wonderful father.  He rushed home and watched our baby while I walked away and just cried.  I knew becoming a mother was going to be stressful, I knew she was going to cry, fuss and need constant attention; I didn’t know how constant and overwhelming it would be.

I don’t believe its just having the baby that can do this to a SAHM, I think it also has to do with losing that social life and adult interaction.  I went from seeing friends often to hardly ever returning calls because I was so overwhelmed with keeping up my home and taking care of my child.  If there is one thing that as a mother you should always tell yourself is when your feeling overwhelmed its okay to ask for help.  It’s okay to feel the pressure and stress that comes with parenting and it is necessary to accept that you are not perfect but it is important to strive to be your best for your baby.  If being emotionally on edge is how you are feeling then I can guarantee you that your child is not receiving the best of you that they should be.

I quickly learned mommy tricks to comfort and soothe her and we became a dynamic duo; still in our house too much but together because we didn’t know very many other moms that we could meet with and spend time with. When you’re a SAHM it’s really easy to lose your communication skills; I went from a chatter box to a stare at you and try to process…wait what did you just say to me… oh your still waiting on my response um hmmm…If I could only get the Word World theme song out of my head …no sorry I got nothing…but Desi went potty today for the first time in the potty!  YAY!! Dont laugh…okay laugh a little, but this really was and sometimes is me; a lot, no really!

Anyway, after having my second child ( 10 months ago)  my time thinned out even more.  You know I actually thought while pregnant it would be easier because I had already done this before.  HAHAHAHA!!!  Wow was I naive.  I mean it was a bit easier because I knew what to expect but now I have to juggle two girls.  One is getting into everything and the other one is climbing everything and jumping on the couch, riding our stationary bike, trying to open the fridge, “Desi stop hitting your sister!”


Now before I get a frantic email from a family member concerned and wanting to babysit.  Let me reassure you I am fine!!!   I’m just sharing my experiences.

Okay now I can continue.

Shopping with both girls is a mission all on its own.  Do the people who design shopping carts even have kids and the special ones for multiple children…DO THEY HAVE KIDS?  My girls fight, if they are within arms reach I can promise you as soon as Lexi sees Desi and can reach her she is pulling on her in some way to get her attention because she loves her big sis.  Big sis on the other hand wants to be left alone and pinches when she gets mad.   So I walk around the store.  “Lexi, lets leave sister alone.  Desi, stop pinching your sister.  Girls quit it!”  Is that a box of pasta?  Yes it is, that means it rattles.  Here girls play with the pasta!


I have had moments when I just couldn’t take it anymore.  More so when I had Desi because I was learning everything.  There are so many different articles, books, blogging sites, that suggest how to parent your child but really you just have to find what works for you and it’s a hard and long road of experiences that bring you to your ah ha moment; when you figure out, this is what works for me!.


Regardless of what you decide someone will always feel your not doing the right thing.  So build your thick skin and learn early on to ignore them.   In the end when your child is successful or unsuccessful you will be the one wondering if you did something wrong. I don’t know about you but I would rather stick to the decisions my husband and I make then allow others to try to push their parenting way on me and then I end up regretting it later because it affected my child negatively.


One of the major stresses for me as a mom was unsolicited opinions!  Most parents if not all can relate to this.  I honestly do not mind someone suggesting something every now and then but if it’s the same thing over and over again and they already know how I feel about it then I feel frustrated and wonder will they ever let it go!?!  So, learn how to communicate with those people.  Say things like thank you I will consider that!  I’ll think about it. We decided to go this route but thanks for offering the advice.   It will leave you feeling satisfied that you did not give in to everyone else and will quickly quiet the other person because they feel satisfied that you really listened to them.  At-least, that has been my experience.

The housework can wait!  Your time with your child is precious and should come first; unless there is a hazard in the home of course.  Let them play, let them get dirty, let them ask questions, let them be themselves.  Its frustrating I know when they ask the same thing over and over but that means they are learning, interacting, they are developing the way they should and this should be celebrated.

If your children are in school then appreciate the small amount of time you have with them.  Figure this, if your kids go to school from 8-3:30 and you drop them off at 7:30 and pick them up right after school that is 8hrs they spent away from you.  Now, assuming your kids go to bed at 8:00 then you have 4.5 hours after school to spend with them.  You still need to drive home, cook dinner, make sure they do their homework, they need to shower and get ready for bed.  That doesn’t leave a lot of time does it?  So value the little time you have and eat with them at the table, turn electronics off, play a board game after dinner or watch a movie as a family, go to the park for a little while and enjoy your kids.  VALUE the weekends and plan fun things to do because out of the 168 hours there is an a week you will only get to spend about 42 of them with your kids and about half of that is the weekend.

I wanted a better experience for my girls and myself.  I was tired of screaming, crying, yelling so I took a big step back because I wanted to know what was causing this and what could change it.  I found many things that needed changing; all of them had to do with me!   I wasn’t planning enough fun time so Desi could run and play and use up all that energy.  I was spending way too much time on my cell phone and computer or watching television.  I was failing her as a mother in the sense that I was constantly yelling at her for something that was a result of my poor decisions to not provide that extra stimulation because I was afraid of going out and unmotivated to change.  I need to be a better mother.  As hard as I work at trying to be the best mom I can be I realized there is always room for improvement and as much as we work at providing her with a lot of educational stimulation I realized she needed more interaction with kids and more time to just play.


So I started taking my daughter to the park more often and making time for her to have more fun.  My husband and I got rid of our expensive cell phones and just got a home phone; added bonus with that is it saved us $1800 a year.  We disconnected our cable but kept the internet; watching tv shows became less important when I had fewer options.  We de-cluttered our life from major distractions and focused on just us.  I have to admit it was hard at first adjusting but after a while it was easy and it was nice to not have those bills.  Since then we have gotten cell phones (two months ago) because we felt we needed a way to get a hold of each other in an emergency or while out of the house but all they can do is call or text and we are still considering letting one of them go because we got so used to not having that bill; I hate paying it now.


Children and adults need to be around their peers; its a necessity in life to have that interaction.  I finally accepted this need and I started trying to find other moms with kids.  I needed to be happy for my girls and to do that I needed some mommy time; I needed friends to talk to, friends that understood and related to everything I was going through but how would I find them?   I couldn’t just walk up to other moms and say, “hey wanna hangout?”  Which my old self would have totally done.  lol  Why not?  If it means having that extra much-needed outlet; then why not?  So, I decided to start a free moms playdate group on Facebook for local moms; I added the friends I knew about 30 of them and then posted the link on other pages where I thought moms would be and today I have 123 members.  I say free because some playdate groups I have been told cost money to join and require applications and such.  My group is simple if you’re a mother in our area and you want to spend time with other moms and let your kids play with other kids you are free to join.  If you can’t make it to all the playdates that is fine.  Anyone can schedule something for the group and whoever can make it goes and whoever cant that’s fine.  No one gets kicked out unless they behave in a way that is dangerous or would be disrespectful to other mothers and their kids; I have yet to have to remove someone and I hope I never have to.


Needless to say I have found by meeting these wonderful woman that my struggles are real and I am not alone.  I am so grateful for the wonderful friendships I have made with these amazing and I do mean AMAZING women and I am in a happier place emotionally because I simply allowed myself to have something everyone needs; human interaction.  Desi used to fight and pinch other kids in a desperate attempt to get their attention so they could play with her.  I am happy to say she hardly ever does that anymore and she loves having friends.   So, my advice to any SAHM is you’re not alone, you need mommy time, and your kids need friends.  As humans it is necessary to our existence to have that interaction so why deny yourself something you need?  You deserve to be happy and healthy too and the happier the parents the happier and healthier the kids.


Some day when the girls are in school and I decide to go back to work the most recent job listed on my resume will be creator and molder of our countries future decision makers.  Yes that is who I really am that is who we all are as parents.  When looking at it that way; doesn’t it seem like the most important job in the world?  That’s because it is.  So why wouldn’t you, me, or anyone do anything and everything they could to ensure a healthy and happy life for their child?  Take a step back, evaluate yourself as a parent honestly and take the step to be the best parent you can be for them.

Thanks for reading and I hope right now shut off your computer, put your cell phone down, turn off the tv, and put some shoes on and go outside to play with your kids.   If its late just look at the stars and enjoy that amazing expression on their face when you explain to them what those little shiny dots are!   Regardless of what kind of fun you have with them enjoy it and absorb every smile every giggle because you wont get that moment back and in a few years this stage of their life will just be a memory.

Thirty-One Update!

Hello everybody!  I am so sorry I have been gone for a while I have been very busy with many projects.  There is so much that has been going on I feel like I have left you wonderful followers out of the loop.  🙁

One thing I am proud to announce is I am now a Thirty-One consultant!  🙂  Do you remember a few months back I reviewed a couple of the bags for Thirty-One?  🙂  If you do not the please go to my archive and read all about the organizing utility tote and thermal tote.  🙂

Anyway, after reviewing those bags I loved the product so much I purchased another thermal a month later and just over a month ago I made the decision to join Cindy’s team and become a Thirty One consultant!  🙂  This is a decision I did not make easily.  Like most decisions I make I thought about it very hard and really considered why I wanted to join and what the company could offer me and I found there were many reasons to join.

I became a Thirty-one consultant because the start-up was not expensive at only $99 I knew I would be receiving over $300 in product so if I decided I didn’t want to sell after all I didn’t have to and I would have so many great items at over 66% off!!  🙂  I also knew that the average party is about $500 and making 25% commission I would easily make the money back for my start-up kit the first month.  Which btw I did in my first 2 parties!  🙂

I made the choice to invest in a career move that I knew I would be good at.  I love talking to people.  I have always been good at selling as long as I can reach a customer I have never found it hard to speak and sell an item and sometimes more than they had planned on purchasing.  As a stay at home mom I missed making my own money.  I missed the interaction with people my own age  and not revolving my day around Sesame Street and Barney.  I missed just being a woman and having my own time.  Believe it or not I find it fun to sell Thirty-One.  I am meeting some wonderful women and since the parties consist of a fun ladies night it’s always laid back and I love the great conversations we have.  I don’t focus so much on selling after my short presentation is over because I don’t believe in pushing someone into their purchase.  I show my product and if they like it they buy it.  The rest of the evening everyone just talks and has much-needed time around other women.

Lastly, I joined because of what the company stands for!  I feel very fortunate to work for a Christian based company and I love that Thirty-One’s mission is to celebrate, encourage and reward women for being amazing!  This company is so new to me and already they have given me so much.  They have given me a sisterhood of colleagues.  They gave me a new-found confidence in myself.  They have given me the tools to make extra income for my family and in just a few hours a week (2-3).  With this extra money  I am planning on shopping for Christmas gifts, pay off student loans and make home repairs.  I feel like I am doing my part for my family and I’m having fun while doing it!  🙂

If you would like see what Thirty-One is please visit my business web page:

Review: Corpus Christi Athletic Club

With the steady rise in obesity in our country it seems like these days most people are trying to find better ways to be healthy.  I personally have begun taking steps to be a healthier mother for my children; I do after all wish to see them grow up and graduate then eventually get married and have kids of their own.  My weight issues have been an ongoing battle for myself for quite some time.  If your over weight or have been struggling with weight-loss then you know what its like to want to be healthy but feel discouraged and frustrated about not being able to reach your goal.  Often times when a friend or family member is struggling with weight-loss I suggest joining a gym; specifically the Corpus Christi Athletic Club.

The first response that I get from most is, “It’s so expensive.”  Yes, the athletic club does cost more than the standard gym in our area and when I say standard I am referring to athletic facilities that offer the minimum equipment options needed to reach your goal.  Those facilities are great when your starting off but eventually you will reach a point where you feel like you’re doing the same thing over and over and if your anything like me you will get bored very quickly.

To be honest I actually joined another gym that was a block away from my house because the only time I can work out is very early in the morning when it’s still dark out; since I cannot drive at night driving to the athletic club was going to be too challenging for me.  I have been working out at this new gym for nearly 2 weeks and I am already getting bored with it and questioning my decision to enroll.  Frustrating?  Yes!    I still have the option of working out at the athletic club and am now trying to figure out when I can add a fitness class they offer that will keep me on track.

For someone who has had a sedentary lifestyle for quite some time or has been struggling with weight-loss it is crucial to join a facility that will keep you interested in reaching your health goals.  Why?  Because if you get bored you wont be able to maintain that motivation that is needed to help you reach your goal.

Now let’s think about cost. A few months ago my husband and I printed out our bank statement for a month and added up how much money we were spending on “fast food” and eating out and we calculated just under $300 a month!  Are you shocked?  Print out your statement and see how much you are spending; you might be surprised.

Whether your a single person or a large family if you add up the money spent on fast food; which has been keeping you unhealthy and unhappy you more then likely are spending the amount of money for a membership if not three or four times that of their membership costs.   A membership that would help you reach your personal goals and keep you motivated to reach a point where you can be truly happy with yourself.  Wouldn’t you want your whole family to be healthy?   This is not even taking into consideration the available corporate discounts various local businesses have signed up for to offer their employees.  Who knows your company just might be one of them. I think its wonderful when local businesses care enough about their employees to set something like this up; it shows me they really care about their employees health and happiness.   If your company does not offer the corporate discount then suggest it they can call the club and ask to speak to Noe Manrod she is in-charge of corporate wellness; it doesn’t cost companies anything to set up the discount and the employee can pay for their membership right out of their check so you dont even have to worry about taking time out of your schedule to make that payment.

I understand with today’s economy everyone is trying to find ways to save money but can we really put a cost on our health?  So I wanted to explain why I recommend joining the athletic club and it’s quite simple for someone struggling to get healthy that joins a gym that offers the minimum use which is cardio machines and resistance machines  it is very easy to join a gym and get bored with the same routine the athletic club however offers so much for its members its worth every penny.

The Corpus Christi Athletic club is also one of the largest facilities IN TEXAS with over 110k indoor sq feet!  The athletic club has a 60-foot recreational pool, a 25-yard lap pool, cold dip, wet & dry sauna, and hot tub.  They offer a vast variety of cardiovascular equipment, resistance equipment and free weights. There are four indoor and eight outdoor tennis courts, indoor and outdoor basketball courts, an indoor running track, four racquetball courts and luxurious spa services.  They also offer FREE child care with planned activities for their Kid’s Club. Over the summer they offer full day recreational camp for children during the CCISD spring and summer breaks. So if both parents work you can sign your child up for camp instead of childcare and know they are staying active all summer long.  They offer certified personal training and guidance in all types of weight training and techniques as well as fitness programs.  They also offer Family Group exercise classes that kids can attend.  If you’re looking for more for your children they also offer numerous programs in gymnastics, aquatics, martial arts,  tennis and can even host your child’s next birthday party!

Are you overwhelmed reading all they have to offer yet?   I am I think I will take a break from typing.  🙂 Just kidding!

Anyway, my oldest daughter actually has taken their gymnastics classes since she started walking and she LOVES going to her class.  Being a part of these classes has helped her in so many ways and not just developing her motor skills but she gained social skills and confidence in herself; not to mention I met some wonderful mothers in the process as well.

If your someone that has suffered a knee injury and walking on a treadmill is to painful try going for a swim in their pool; it will offer you a great workout without putting the added strain on your body.

Being healthy for my girls is very important to me and as I struggle to regain the figure I once had I am happy to offer my child many options so she stays healthy and happy.  This weekend they are offering a bring a friend for FREE event at the Corpus Christi Athletic Club so if you know anyone that has a membership call them up and ask them to get you in to try.  I guarantee your going to love the facility!!  If you do not know anyone that has a membership it is always FREE to tour the facility!  Tell them Mamma Evie sent you!  🙂  I urge you if you are unhappy with your lifestyle JOIN me in my journey and make this positive change in your life and find that happiness you have been seeking.  I welcome you to join me on my weight loss journey.

To make progress in our lives we have to take steps to get you out of the stagnant unhealthy lifestyle we currently have.  Take steps to make that positive change; aren’t you, your children, your whole family worth it?  You and your family will live longer, be healthier and happier in the long run!  Have a great weekend and thanks for reading.  🙂

You can call them 992-7100 or visit their site click on their name here:  Corpus Christi Athletic Club

Feel free to also join these Facebook support groups:

Coastal Bend Mommies in Motion (a closed group; posts are viewed by members only and you must join)

Never Give Up!!!!!  a public group anyone can view posts and is open to men and women.

Please not some of the added options are not included in the membership.  (Ex:  gymnastics, kids camp, etc…)

Age brings distance..

Sorry I have not posted in a week but I have been busy with different projects and personal issues; my oldest is sick and youngest teething.  I’m sure you all know how that goes!

Anyway, I have had a lot on my mind lately and working on few different things including a family tree.  I know when we are young at some point it becomes a class project to create your family tree.  My husband’s family can date their relatives generations back; and sadly I only know up to my grandparents on both sides.  I started digging through different websites trying to find information on my family because it’s a touchy matter to ask questions about either side and usually I end up frustrated.  I figured the best way to find information is to figure it out on my own.

Yesterday I was searching through the obituaries and found the page info for my grandfather Charles.  I couldn’t help but sit in my chair stunned when I came upon his name in the library’s local history search!

Ellis C. 1980

I couldn’t see the actual obituary I had to submit an email request which I did and have yet to receive but it was a link to him; a link that would connect me to some information to someone who I have missed in my life.  It made me really emotional to find this; I have always wondered what he was like and tried to picture what our relationship would have been like.  Since he passed away almost 2mths before I was born I never got to see him and he never even got to hold me.  I sat in my chair and cried for a while missing someone I never met but loving him even though I never knew him.  I know it might be hard for you to understand why I was upset; but he was my grandfather.  I can think of all the memories I had with my other grandfather and it makes me wonder what it would have been like with him.  Would he have shared stories with me too, made me laugh, smile when he saw me?  These are memories that I will never have that life cheated me of.

It made me think of how different my life is now then when I was a child.  At 31 years of age I have lost all four of my grandparents, an uncle, cousin, and other extended relatives.  It made me realize how growing older can be a bitter-sweet journey.  As a child we are surrounded by people who love us and even though we know this we do not realize how precious this bond is.  Whether we appreciate every moment we can with them or take them for-granted our grandparents reach to hug and kiss us every moment they get, cooks meals for us from scratch, play with us, soothe us when we are hurt, spend their time playing with us, making us laugh, telling us stories, teaching us new things and love us unconditionally.

Now I have children of my own and I cant help but wish my grandparents would have been here to see them.  I would give anything for them to hold them for just a moment.  My grandparents were not famous people, in fact they were quiet and kept to themselves; but in my heart they will live forever and god willing with the stories I share with my girls some day they will also live in theirs.

What I am getting at is this.  As a child we wish for days to go by faster because we long for our independence from everyone.  However, as we get older and have children of our own time begins to quickly pass us by and the days blend in together and before we know it the newborn baby we held in our arms is older and pushing us away eager to make their own decisions.  When we are young we have aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, parents, sisters, brothers who constantly surround us and love us.  However, as we get older different situations keep us from the very people who once made up our world.  Whether it be disagreements, death, distance, or simply the chaos of adulthood.

So, as I sit here and glance over to my grandmothers dresser I cant help but remember sitting in front of it as a child snooping through her drawers because I found it beautiful and mysterious.  I remember she always caught me.  Years ago before she passed away she gave me this dresser and today I am sure I know the very reason; she knew I loved it as a child and knew some day I would see it and think of her.  Well I do grandma.  I see it and think of you and want you to know I still care and will always love you.


Review: Cord Blood Registry

When my husband and I were pregnant with our first child we really wanted to store her umbilical cord blood.  We realized the need to use it someday might be minimal but knowing that if something happened it could potentially save her life made it worth considering.

As I stated in one of my previous blogs I was laid off from work while five months pregnant with her which was the reason we were unable to store the blood after all.  We were both really upset about this and I remember I cried in the hospital when she was in NICU because the reality that she had complications and could have needed it really sunk in.  She didn’t need it of course and was only in NICU for about two weeks but still seeing her with tubes in her belly button and connected to monitors really scared me.  What if she needed it some day?  I felt like a failure!  We did everything we could to try to come up with the money and even tried to get a loan but it was not approved.  We asked friends and family to contribute towards it as a baby shower gift but no one did.  I think the reason for that was because most people do not realize how important it really is unless you have a very sick member of the family that has researched possible cures and has told people who cord blood could have healed or cured them then people will see it as an unnecessary expense.  For most though I guess it’s just lack of education on the subject.  I personally did not know about it until my sister informed me; she has a son who is very sick as a result of being born too early and had they been able to store his it might have helped him.

None-the-less when we planned for our second child we firmly decided we were going to do whatever it took to store the umbilical cord blood.  When we found out we were expecting we researched online for different options and found Cord Blood Registry (CBR) to be the best option for us.  They had a great reputation, prices were reasonable, and they offered a zero interest payment plan if you pay within a certain amount of time.  When we called we spoke with their very knowledgeable representative Andrew Beetley-Hagler who answered all our questions and put all our concerns at ease.  When our daughter was born our wonderful doctor gathered the umbilical cord blood for us and my husband placed the phone call and it was picked up shortly after.  When our package was received we were immediately informed and they began collecting payments only after it was received and stored.

My daughter will be a year old today and through out these past months Andrew has sent emails to check on us and see how everyone is doing; even after we paid it off.  Well Lexi will be a year old in a couple of months and today in the mail I received a package from them containing a birthday card for her and a children’s book “Where is Baby’s Bellybutton?”  It is so cute and so appropriate and I was not expecting it.  I just wanted to share my wonderful experience with everyone and to let you know if you’re considering it CBR is a great company to go with and it is one of the most important choices you can make for your child.  As a parent you never know if your child is going to be healthy at birth or born too early or with complications or develop something in the future and having this done for our daughter has helped put our minds and hearts at ease and if her big sister or even I ever need it we know it is in storage waiting for us.

Thanks for reading and if you want more info please email Andrew and he will be more than happy to send it.  Tell him Mamma Evie sent you.  🙂

Disney on Ice: Dare to Dream

My mother-in-law purchases tickets to various shows for her grand-kids and last night we were able to enjoy this fabulous show thanks to her!  I personally have never been to any Disney on Ice shows but I must say I was very impressed.  My daughter and I were late so we missed the beginning but all in all there were three stories.

We got there when they were halfway through performing the Princess and the Frog.  The characters were dressed in their frog costumes they even had the lighting bug and alligator in their own full costume.  Characters skated around and performed various flips and turns and spins always following along with the music.  They left out a lot of dark parts of the movie which I appreciated for the little ones.

After the Princess and the Frog they performed Cinderella which was great.   I have never heard so many children cheering and singing along with the characters; it was really cute!  They cut the movie into small sections to fit it into the time they have available but it was flawlessly done.  The step sisters were cute and funny tripping and being silly.  It was very nice!

The final show was Tangled!  My daughter LOVES Tangled; we own the movie and she watches it at-least once a week (daily when we first bought it).  I was a little sad they didn’t have a full character of Pasquale  the chameleon but they did have the horse and the funny characters of the movie.  They performed the major songs and the best part by far was when Rapunzel “lets down her hair” to leave the tower.  For that part of the show they had amazing stunts when I say amazing I mean AMAZING.  Rapunzel and Flynn Ryder were suspended in air using her hair circling the rink several times in various poses.  The children in the stands would scream and cheer so loud every time I thought for sure I would lose my hearing.  The kids in the stands danced with the music and my daughter couldn’t stop clapping and cheering.   It was amazing.

At the end of the show Rapunzel turns into a princess and all the Disney prince and princess make their appearance dressed in very beautifully detailed costume replicas of their suits and ball gowns from the actual movies.  The tickets were really not bad and I think worth what my mother-in-law spent on them.  She was very happy with the show and quality as-well.

From the costumes to the props to the flawless routines it was a spectacular show. Here is a video I found on Youtube I thought I would share (this is NOT my video.  It was posted by Disney On Ice):

Disney on Ice: Dare to Dream

The only drawback as with most shows were the prices of food, drinks, and souvenirs.  Cotton-candy was $12 (it came with a foam crown or a hat for boys) but I couldn’t get myself to spend that much on cotton-candy.  Souvenirs ranged from $5 for the program on up.  Instead of buying my daughter snacks and food there I promised to take her to get a kid’s meal afterwards which would only cost $4 and extended our mommy daughter date a little longer.   🙂  If you decide to do that make sure you and your child eat something before hand.

I did buy her a $12 pair of eel binoculars that she played with for a little while and then on the ride home said she didn’t like. Bummer!!  I just wanted to get her something from the show to keep.    All in all it was a great show and experience and I look forward to going to another one.  I think last night was the first show and they will have more through Sunday (in my area) so if you can take your child to see it I highly suggest it and feel it is worth the money.   Tickets range in cost depending on where you live.  Don’t forget your camera!!  I promise to post pictures as soon as my mother-in-law emails them to me because I forgot mine.  Also, I completely forgot to do this but if you decide to go dress your child up in their favorite costume.  There were so many kids dressed up it was so cute and it makes them feel extra special.

That is my review on Disney on Ice Dare to Dream!  I want to thank my mother-in-law for purchasing the tickets as part of my daughter birthday gift;  Desi and I had a lot of fun.   Thank you all for reading and please feel free to leave a comment.